Haiti Good News Mission

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Our Vision & Mission

July 2014

Pastor Ken Galyean led a team to Cap Haitian, Haiti for one week from July 8-16, 2014.  Included in the team were Pastor Dwayne Moore and Pastor Larry Wright.  The purpose was to conduct a Pastors Conference on 14-15 of July sponsored by Haiti Good News Mission led by Pastor Lyvinx Joseph and Pastor Judelin Joseph. 50 pastors attended from areas up to 150 kilometers from Cap Haitian, with 25 additional staff and singers. Subjects covered were ‘Making Great Commission Christians’; "Next Level Worship";  and ‘The Kingdom Mindset’.  The conference was held in facilities provided by Radio 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti.

The Pastors Conference was a great blessing to many who wouldn't normally have access to formal education and exposed them to some foundational teaching that will ground them in the Word. Haiti Good News Mission, a CrossPointe supported mission, plans to make this an annual conference with a goal to bring the Gospel do those who haven't heard it and to serve people in great need. 

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Haiti Good News Mission exists to facilitate Christ-centered ministries and churches to partner with trusted indigenous leaders to transform the country of Haiti one village at a time.



To form partnerships with USA ministries and churches to bring about Community Transformation, by making devoted disciples of Jesus Christ who Love God, Love one another and serve the country of Haiti.